The Engagement

Jason and I took a weekend vacation in San Francisco. I was in SF for GDC and Jason joined me for the weekend. We try to take a getaway every few months. What a perfect weekend! SF is usually in a cloud every time I go but this past weekend was clear and sunny. It was beautiful, very rare weather for SF. On top of it being a beautiful weekend, Jason proposed. It was Friday night off Pier 39. Nobody was around, except the seals. We were talking and enjoying the night. As we were about to leave, I turned and he was on one knee. I was stunned. I said yes of course! The whole weekend was just awesome. We saw all of San Francisco, ate great food and did a lot of shopping (well I did). Oh, and the ring is beautiful.
So when is the wedding? I would say a year from now. I am lucky to have a family that can do all the planning. The goal is for me NOT to get stressed out. I want it to be fun. I will keep you posted.

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