Have you Hurd?

2nd Preseason Game, Cowboys are now 2-0 as they finished against the Saints, 30-7.

Sam Hurd, a San Antonio Native, made the last touch down of the 2nd quarter from a 13 yard pass from Bledsoe. Hurd is a 21yr old Rookie coming from N. Illinois. Before college, Hurd attended Brackenridge High School in downtown San Antonio.

While T.O is out crying about his hamstring, Dallas is trying out Hurd. Hmm, a touch down in the 2nd preseason game? I think this can be good. Watch out T.O. Keep babying that hamstring and let’s see what Hurd can do.

We got another player to watch out for in Dallas, and he happens to be from San Antonio.

Slashed Tires jeapordizes San Antonio’s chance of a Pro Football Team?

More than 70 hotel guests at the Red Roof Inn located on the East side of downtown San Antonio had their tires slashed. Yes, this is an unfortunate situation and I sure would be pissed if it happened to me. But one man quotes the following:

Y’all want to get a national football league team here and y’all have
this stuff going on?” says Dallas resident Mike Dobrovolski. ”It ain’t
gonna happen!”

Seriously, what does your tires being slashed have anything to do with our chances of us getting a pro football team? This was a random act a bunch of gangster kids probably had to do for initiation because nothing was stolen, it was strictly straight up vandalism. I mean, yes, this does suck but unfortunately, there are bad people out there and shit happens. I don’t understand how 70 cars’ all four tires could have been slashed and not one security guard or city policeman caught this. I guess Red Roof does not have security guards? Granted, this hotel is located on our East side of downtown and it is not surprising something like this happened.
But not getting a football team? Sounds like one Dallas man is scared a San Antonio NFL team will forever jeapordize their chance of winning a Super Bowl.

Article found at: http://www.woai.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=E0F1F8B1-37BB-475B-9875-09DBE82EE21F

LinuxWorld 2006-San Francisco

After being at LinuxWorld for a week, surrounded by ‘techies’ that all had their own blog, I figured it was time for me to join the blogging community. I was at LinuxWorld to represent ServerBeach, A PEER1 Company.

LinuxWorld was great. Although I had never attended LinuxWorld, it was much smaller than I had expected. RedHat wasn’t even there. There were only two hosting/colocation companies, PEER1 and ServePath. There were however, a few cool groups of people I got to meet like Joomla. The booth across from us was Enterprise DB (competitor of Oracle) and they had a professional magician at their booth. His name is Steven Cohen and he actually has a Broadway show in NYC. You can visit his site at: www.chambermagic.com. I might check him out my next trip to NYC (coming this December).

I also had the opportunity to meet many intelligent individuals, including my ServerBeach clients. I met with Gregory Olson from Dogster.com, Dan Simones from Revcube.com, and Kevin Burton from Tailrank.com. Such great people and companies! My clients to seem to have had a good time. Kevin even posted us on his site:


Anyone that remotely loves dogs or cats needs to visit Dogster.com and Catster.com. You will find many friendly creatures on these sites. Your pets can find friends, you can learn more about how to deal with your pet and much more.

Overall, the show was great. Meeting with techies is always fun and interesting, you are guaranteed to learn something new.