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Angela Bartels

I’m currently head of marketing for Qualaroo, a real-time insights tool that helps you gain better insights about your customers. Assembla is owned by venture equity group Scaleworks located in my hometown, San Antonio, Texas.

To view my professional resume, you can visit my LinkedIn page.

What is this blog about?

I connect to people through storytelling and started sharing stories on this WordPress blog back in 2006. If you go back in time, you can see how things have changed. My blog has been centered around what I’m passionate about and that is technology, my family, traveling and inspiring today’s youth. Here’s a handful of posts I’ve written:

Things I learned while managing a corporate blog

6 Tips to being a role model for our youth

How my husband stuck with one company for 10 years

10 Reasons why San Antonio doesn’t suck

5 Lessons from Biz Stone

Waiting for @jacobbartels

Some highlights. 

I’m a strong believer in storytelling and so naturally the highlights of my career are centered around content.

One Very Proud Dad

When Rackspace decided to open their cloud (OpenStack), we felt like we needed to tell that story to the masses. I was inspired by the Chipotle’s Back to the Start video and thought to myself, why can’t Rackspace do something like this? So I pitched an idea to my team, got it approved and we got to working.

I love this piece because it connected to people to Rackspace on a more emotional level.

Cloud Sites Infographic

This piece actually won an award. I like it because I was able to connect one of our most creative writers and tested a new designer to put this piece together. The engineers and developers that work on Cloud Sites were so proud to see their product in the spotlight. Seeing them happy made me incredibly proud of our work on this.

NoSQL Ecosystem

This is my all time favorite post because I think this is when I realized the power of really good content. As cloud community manager, I managed the Cloud Blog. I went out and interviewed developers and engineers and helped them tell their story. At the time, we were contributors to Cassandra and NoSQL was a new term that was being tossed around. My job was to articulate our viewpoint to the public. After interviewing Jonathan Ellis, we were able to get this piece up which still ranks as one of Rackspace’s top posts of all time.


2 thoughts on “Bio / Resume”

  1. Hello Angela – I’m looking to find a great PHP guy/gal and marketing team to help us manage a brand new online project. I’ve found you through Linkedin / Geekdom / Rackspace and I think through Carla Gomez… Are you available to brainstorm about this project – or do you know anyone looking to join a fun group of innovators? Any help is appreciated!

  2. Hi, Angela! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. I’d love to add your blog to my list of moms in San Antonio who blog if that is OK with you. We also have a very active San Antonio bloggers Facebook group if you’d like to join. Just send me an email: colleenpence at socialmediamentoring dot com.

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