Back to Basics with Becky Hammon


I had the sincere pleasure of watching Becky Hammon speak at the Rackspace Headquarters this morning. With the new gig as the assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs and the very recent win of the Summer League, Becky has been hitting headlines left and right. It was no surprise she packed the Rackspace Events Center with standing room only as Rackers flooded in with much anticipation to see her speak in person.

What I loved about her speech, or really about her story, was how authentic it was. Sometimes I think we expect these leaders and these people that are breaking barriers to tell a flashy story. In reality, to be a leader like her, starts with a solid foundation. The Spurs organization is a prime example of having a solid foundation that you can build off of and it’s no surprise that she is now one of those building blocks.  If I had to keep it to five things, here’s what I took away.

To earn respect, you need to listen and serve first.

Becky has been on many teams throughout her lifetime. And no matter how good she is or what her experience was, when she moved to a different team, it was like starting new again. She was still the new person on the team and always had to earn the respect of her teammates. When you ask her about how you earn that respect, she said multiple times “you listen and serve your teammates.” She even said if that means grabbing t-shirts and water bottles, that’s what you did. When she played overseas, it was even more important to show your service because of the language barrier; she needed to show her teammates how much she cared for them through her acts of service.

Trust your heart to make tough decisions and don’t look back.

When Becky wasn’t asked to play for the US Olympic team, she had the option to sit at home and watch the Olympics over some BBQ, or she could go play for Russia. As a girl that grew up in South Dakota, she is as American as you can get so going to play for another country was definitely a tough decision she had to make. So how does she handle tough decisions like this one? She literally said “pray, listen to your heart and depend on your circle of family and friends that have your best interest at heart.” When she made the decision to go play for Russia, she received a lot of backlash and people even questioned her patriotism. But because she felt in her heart that she was doing the right thing, nothing else mattered. She focused on serving her team and being the best she could and ended up bringing home the Bronze.

You don’t have control over someone’s attitude but you do have control on how you respond to it.

I love this point because attitude is something that no matter how good you are at a sport or a certain skill, it’s your attitude that will take you through to success. I’ve learned this as an athlete growing up and is something that I continued to drill into the kids I coached a few years back. You can be the best player on the team from a physical standpoint but a bad attitude can oversee that potential and can be detrimental to the team. It’s no different in the business world. The reality is people will still have bad attitudes and sometimes people might just be having bad days but often times, it’s their permanent being. Becky points out that even though you can’t change someone’s attitude, you can control how you respond. It’s so easy to become the complainer about people but it’s harder to not let it affect you and the rest of the team and even harder to rise above and change the course of direction to a positive one.

Going for the quick win does not mean you will have longevity of winning.

This goes back to building a foundation. She talked about how Coach Pop starts with building a foundation first that is not to be messed with, even through loss. Often times in professional sports, when teams don’t make the playoffs, they will change management, change the team and bring in big names that will hopefully get them a ring. Becky says that they might get a quick win and if that is what they want, then they’ve won. But if they’re looking for tenure and a longevity of wins, those practices will not get them there. This really relates nicely to the corporate world. Companies are often under pressure to hit revenue and profit targets and when they are missed, people panic and change direction, strategy, people, etc. But if you have a solid foundation and a set of core values, missing a goal is just an obstacle that you have to overcome to reach long term success. If you react to that loss, you take yourself backwards instead of forwards.

You really can make a living doing what you love, it just may not be in a manner that you initially thought.

As a little girl, starting at the age of five, Becky loved basketball. She emphasized the importance of repetition and practice. She knew that she wanted to make basketball her career. Her dad always told her that she could do anything. When she asked her dad if she would be able to play basketball in the NBA, he said well, “no.” At the time the WNBA didn’t exist so it didn’t seem possible to pursue a career in the NBA. When she landed the job as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, she said she was excited to make that phone call back to her dad to say “You never said that I couldn’t coach for the NBA.”

What an honor to have heard her in story in real life and what an honor it is to have her as a leader in our city. This was truly a special and memorable moment for myself and many other Rackers. Go Spurs Go!

Where Can College Graduates Afford To Rent?

This post was written and contributed by Kristy Hessman. Hessman writes for HotPads, a rental search website that makes it easy for you to find your next place in the city.

Whether you are a parent of a student, or a student who identifies as a Longhorn, Jaguar, Horned Frog or Red Raider, graduation season is coming up quickly.

But where will new grads head after school? Many new graduates will be saying goodbye to their college towns and hello to cities like Dallas to start new jobs.

A new interactive map out from the rental website HotPads helps new college graduates determine some of the most affordable neighborhoods to rent in within the Dallas metro area.

HotPads used salary information for full time workers ages 22 to 30 with college degrees, along with rental data to map just how much recent grads can expect to spend of their gross salaries on rent.

Here is a snapshot of what the rental market looks like for graduates in certain professions moving to Dallas.


According to the data, new graduates with teaching degrees moving to Dallas will likely earn between $44,000 and $45,000 in annual gross salary. The City Center District will be the most expensive place for teachers to rent. They’ll spend around $1,158 each month on rent, about 35 percent of their annual salary. If they want to save some money, they can head to Preston Hollow where they will spend 16 percent, about $590 a month, of their income rent.


Graduates going into accounting or auditing roles will have a bit more flexibility when it comes to the Dallas rental market thanks to their slightly higher salary of around $54,000 a year. This will allow them to live closer to the action in neighborhoods like Oak Lawn or Near East, where they will spend 24 and 27 percent of their respective rents on salary.

Software Developers, Applications and Systems Software

Graduates in the software and systems fields will have even more flexibility than accountants and teachers due to their estimated $61,894 annual gross salary. That means they can live in the more expensive neighborhoods of Dallas, like City Center District and South Boulevard Park – Park Row District and still spend less than 30 percent of their salaries on rent.

Along with Dallas, HotPads created maps for 10 additional cities throughout the US, including: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

Recent graduates can choose their profession and search neighborhoods within those cities to see how much they can expect to pay in rent.

HotPads also compiled a Rent Here Not There “cheat sheet” for new grads moving to cities throughout the US.

You can explore all of the cities by profession by clicking here.

Snap out of it

Bridesmaids is one of my favorite comedies of all time. It was recently on TV and I happened to catch it during the Megan lecture. I forgot how awesome this lecture was. It’s so easy for us to get into slumps and feel sorry for ourselves (I’m guilty). But the sad part is that we don’t recognize that there are people around us that want to help but we refuse to recognize that they even exist. This could be because of our stubbornness to do things on our own or this could be due to the fact that we’re wanting help from someone that actually doesn’t want to help us at all. The world is much larger and more complicated than what exists in our bubble. Although it’s hard to snap out of it, it’s actually impossible to recoup the life that has already past.

The world needs smart marketers

I’m a marketer in the tech world and I often times hear, “developers don’t like to be marketed to.” It’s funny because I’m not sure anyone likes to be marketed to. This is the reason why the world needs smart marketers. Let me explain.

We are all consumers of things, whether in our personal lives or business lives. We’re constantly buying stuff or being an influencer in the decision making process. With that being said, in today’s information age, we are bombarded with options – too many options. As a marketer, it’s my job to match the benefits of my products to the needs of businesses. To do that, I have to understand the person I’m targeting. I’ve written about this before and I call it persona marketing. Once we have our persona and message down, two things have to happen: 1) we have to build helpful content that our persona can use and 2) we have to go distribute the content in the channels where our person can find the content. Long gone are the days where we blast a promotion to a huge general audience hoping you’ll get bait. It’s a conversation and you have to earn that right to have a conversation (see my previous post):

In yesterday’s marketing world, there were two challenges marketers faced. One, tracking – it was very difficult to show ROI on marketing activities. Second, integration -it was difficult to connect your programs that were all running in silo. With the rise of new software services in this digital marketing era, it’s now a lot easier to track conversions and see how each channel affects different stages of the buyer’s life cycle.

Distribute your helpful content to people who care

As a revenue marketer, I’m often asked how do you know how much your content is affecting the bottom line. Content plays a huge role in every stage of the buying cycle and in each stage, your success metrics will be different. For the top of the funnel, the awareness stage, I measure success based on traffic and engagements. We don’t expect someone to consume a piece of content for the first time and then convert. The goal here is to make sure our content is engaging and helpful. Some ways we distribute content:
Targeted social marketing – You can promote content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to a very targeted group of people. Stop blasting your material to people that don’t care.
Content marketing platforms – I’ve used platforms like Taboola and Outbrain for distributing content. It is a cost per click model.

Don’t let them forget you

We all know people don’t click on banners and that is the case even more so with  developers. With that being said, we do know that banners do have an influence. Instead of putting all your dollars in awareness banners, put all your spend in retargeting. If you do this, your conversion rates will be much higher because people have already consumed your content and you’ve already built trust and awareness.
Your banners do not have to be product specific or buy now specific, they can be related to the content they read. You can build targeted landing pages that might sample more content and could have a variety of call to actions such as inviting them to attend an event or a free consultation.
For those that have visited your site multiple times or abandoned their shopping cart, it would be most appropriate to target them with a “buy now” or “sign up now” call to action.

Get permission

With any activity you’re doing, you should always try to find a way to collect a name and email address. You can add form in content pieces, you for sure need to add the form on landing pages and you can also test out new ways like the Twitter Lead Gen form that just released. If you’re hosting any events, virtual or in person, you need to always find a way to collect contacts. It’s funny because I think in my world, I feel like our teams are more hesitant to collect email addresses but I think our target audience is willing to give their info because we’ve provided them helpful content (and sometimes free pizza, beer and t-shirts). Also, you must set expectations by making sure your prospects know they aren’t going to be spammed and provide them an opportunity confirm their opt in and always an opportunity to unsubscribe (here’s a good best email practices guide).

Continue the conversation

You’ve provided helpful information, you’ve earned their trust, you’ve reinforced your message in a variety of channels – don’t screw it up now. Depending on the length of your purchase cycle, make sure to build out a long outbound program with really good, engaging content. With marketing automation programs, you can easily insert new emails whenever you have an event come up so you don’t have to start tracks all over. Lastly, always add in a customized email in the beginning of the track that is pertinent to the last interaction with your prospect. If you got the contact from an event, the email should say “thanks for coming to xyz, here’s the presentation just in case you missed it,” then they can continue to be nurtured in the email program. Share your engagement reports with your sales team and prioritize the ones they should contact.

Below is how I see my integrated program. Of course, this is just a sample of channels you can use but I think it can be easily added on to.

marketing diagram image

Let me know if you have other thoughts.

BTW – How many times did I say content?

Those unplanned moments

As a working mom, I don’t necessarily feel guilty leaving my children everyday to go to the office because for the most part, I do enjoy my job. I do, however, feel guilty when work bleeds into family time. There are 24 hours in the day with 9 hours spent at the office, 5 days a week. That gives me 15 hours per day to spend with my children, 11 hours in which they are asleep. So realistically, I get 4 hours a day (1 hour in the morning and 3 when we get home) plus weekends to spend with my children. That’s not a lot of time. So when I am home, I really have to focus in on them and give them the attention they crave from my husband and I. Every moment is an important one. This week we shared some simple, yet important moments with our children that I had to share because I want to remember this special day.

A typical morning for my family right now is all of us in our one master bedroom, with our son laying in our bed watching PBS, our daughter crawling around getting into things (most of the time my purse) and my husband and I rushing to get dressed for the day. This one particular day happened to be brush pick up day. As soon as we heard the truck pull up, we opened the curtains and both kids looked out the window in aw as the crane picked up the brush from our sidewalk. We told the kids to wave and I guess the driver saw them in the window because they honked for them. They were giggling with excitement! It was so simple but so special because they were experiencing something new and what they knew of the world at that moment was seeing a cool big truck honk at them. It was really cute.

brush pickup

Then we were off to work but throughout the day, I kept envisioning them looking out the window and it made me so happy and excited to see them again after work. When we got home, I was playing with my daughter and she kept wanting to stand on her own and show off. So I put her further away from me to see if she was interested in walking. To my surprise, she was. She took her first step and I squealed with excitement. We did this a couple of more times when I finally called my husband to get it on video.


This day was a great day. We didn’t plan anything and it wasn’t a day full of crazy adventures. It was a day full of simple yet memorable moments. They happen all the time in everyone’s lives but the challenge is to stop and relish it. I’m so glad I did on this day.

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